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The Hanover Wind Symphony: Music-Making in a NJ Community

Rutgers University graduate student and HWS member Heather Krygoski studied the Hanover Wind Symphony for an Ethnomusicology project titled “The Hanover Wind Symphony: Music-Making in a NJ Community”.

Ms. Krygoski is completing her Master’s Degree in Euphonium Performance and studied the interpersonal relationships of the ensemble members during a three month study.  The study included research of the community band’s environment during rehearsals, their role in communities in NJ, as well as personal interviews with the music directors and members of the HWS.

Ms. Krygoski’s report provides some interesting insights in how the band operates and delves into the dichotomy of professional vs. amateur musicians. It’s a thorough look into why the band exists, its place in the community and the value the members derive from their participation.

Click here to view The Hanover Wind Symphony: Music-Making in a NJ Community 




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