2020 Scholarship Winner Zachary Solano to Perform with HWS

2020 Scholarship Winner Zachary Solano to Perform with HWS

Yes, it’s finally going to happen! Zachary Solano, our 2020 Summer Music Scholarship Winner, will be performing with the Hanover Wind Symphony (HWS) on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at Ginty Field in Morris Township. This tuba player extraordinaire will dazzle you!

Zach will be performing Beezlebub, a theme and variations for tuba and band. It was written by American tubist Andrea Catozzi for an instrumental solo competition by Carl Fisher Music in 1886. He will be playing on his C tuba – not the traditional Bb tuba he started on and is played in most bands. His newest tuba this year is an F tuba. Why all the different kinds of tubas? First of all, they are of different lengths. Though they are all bass instruments, the C tuba is a contrabass – a much lower sound. So does he have to transpose the music for the different tubas? No. Players just use a different set of fingerings for the different tubas! This is the only instrument that works this way.

Zach, who recently graduated from Roxbury High School, is excited to perform with the HWS this summer. He is very impressed with our professional sound – how we are not professionals but play for the love of it.

One of Zach’s guiding philosophies came from his middle school and high school band director Jeffrey Conrad: Take lessons with everyone and anyone. And he did just that last summer with his HWS scholarship. He studied with players from Ohio, Boston, and even Norway! This helped in his search for the right college. He will be attending the Manhattan School of Music this fall.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 17th at 6:30 pm at Ginty Field in Morris Township.