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Meet the Hanover Wind Symphony

Photo by Jack Grassa

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The Hanover Wind Symphony (HWS) was born out of the spirit of community – college, high school students, and adults performing together at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham/Madison campus. But when the music department was disbanded in 1985, the music director, Peter Boor, took the group off campus so they could continue playing music of the highest caliber.

Within a few seasons, the Hanover Wind Symphony had established itself as one of only a handful of outstanding community-based adult wind bands in New Jersey. Their members, though expert in talent, do not come from the ranks of professional musicians - most are full-time professionals working outside the field of music. All of these volunteer musicians demonstrate professionalism in their desire to both refine their musical skills and to showcase their creative talents. Roughly half of the members have been in the symphony for over fifteen years. This longevity is rare in a group of this nature, and demonstrates the dedication and devotion of the players, as well as, the distinctive character of the band.

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the HWS has played to enthusiastic audiences in and around greater Morris County for over three decades. Over the years, they have become the community’s source for live music for celebrations, fundraisers, and traditional outdoor concerts. They also inspire younger musicians to continue playing long after their formal schooling has ended.

HWS members are your neighbors, sharing their passion for music with Community Outreach Programs that include:

  • Free and affordable local concerts
  • Joint programs with public schools
  • Collaboration with local nonprofits
  • Programs for children and families
  • World-class soloists
  • Outdoor concerts

The Hanover Wind Symphony: Bringing music to people and people to music since 1985.