What people are saying about the
Hanover Wind Symphony

Fantastic show! The wind symphony’s music just comes alive! It really has so much life to it. Mr. Paterno does a wonderful job. If we can help it, we never miss a concert. We are very thankful for this wind symphony.

Peter and Margaret Haines, Budd Lake, NJ,

Thank you Hanover Wind Symphony!  Your joyful sound lingers with me long after your grand finales, no matter whether I've attended a rousing outdoor summer concert or one of your more classical performances in nearby communities. Having subscribed to the NJ Symphony series for years, it's obvious that I appreciate the talent of paid professionals.  However, I'm dazzled by the fact that your ensemble is made up of unpaid and equally talented volunteers. I don't know how you maintain such an active schedule in your otherwise busy working lives, but don't stop. You are an inspiration and greatly appreciated by us music lovers.

Lois Wolfer, Wanaque, NJ,

Going to concerts given by the Hanover Wind Symphony are always a delight. The performers are full of enthusiasm and excellent, and the programs are varied, and always entertaining. We try to attend all the concerts given, each year, and hope to continue to do so for many more.

Lori and Bob Frank,

My husband and I really enjoyed our first experience of the Hanover Wind Symphony at MPAC in Morristown. The program was varied and the inclusion of Stanley Drucker as a featured soloist on clarinet was a special treat that brought out the strengths of the band. It was obvious that playing together is a labor of love for this community-based band, and enthusiasm and humor graced their performance. We look forward to more concerts featuring the Hanover Wind Symphony.

Lesley Frost, Past President, National Council of Jewish Women, West Morris Section