Hopatcong Outreach Concert May 15, 2019

The Hanover Wind Symphony (HWS) performed a combined spring concert with the Hopatcong High School band on May 15. According to HWS Music Director Matthew Paterno, “Our mission is to bring music to people, and people to music. The Hopatcong community has been coming to our music performances for years, so it was our turn to come to them.”

Earlier in the afternoon, members of HWS provided professional tips and advice in masterclasses for both high school and middle school students. That evening, the high school band and the Hanover Wind Symphony performed their spring concert programs. Even Hudson Maxim music teacher Kristen O'Shea played piano for the beautiful Seal Lullaby, directed by Kurt Zimmermann, HWS Associate Music Director and Hopatcong Middle and High School Band Director.

As a special treat for the high school students, some members of HWS played Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral with them for an awe inspiring performance. The combined finale was performed with the high school students, middle school masterclass participants and the Hanover Winds, conducted by Hopatcong Senior Jennifer Coulman.

I cannot believe what a professional performance this was. I would have paid top dollar for that concert in the city. What a fantastic experience for our kids that they will not soon forget!

 - Emil Binot, Principal, Hopatcong High School

I cannot express enough what a wonderful experience Wednesday’s outreach concert in Hopatcong was for both our students and for the community. Students, parents, faculty and administration alike have not stopped raving about the quality and energy of Hanover’s performance. Students at both the high and middle school levels were thrilled at sharing the stage for the combined performances. Students that participated in masterclasses were happy to report that they learned new things, and each clinician was reported as “cool”, “great”, “helpful”, “incredible” and “fun”. We even gained a new member for marching band from the experience! More than one colleague was inspired by the service of the HWS members to the students and felt that this was one of the greatest experiences they have seen in an educational setting. My students watched the concert recordings over the past two days in class, continuing to relive the good feelings while providing great lessons on the critique process.  

 - Kurt Zimmerman, Band Director, Hopatcong High School