HWS Celebrates 35 Years of Music

HWS Celebrates 35 Years of Music

Our season-long celebration was highlighted on February 12, 2020 with a special concert held at Memorial Junior School in Whippany. Everyone was part of the festivities – from our All-Star musicians to members of the audience.

As you walked into the lobby, the walls were decorated with our All-Star Musician cards featuring each member of the wind symphony. You can still read about why we're so passionate about music on our website. A visual history could be enjoyed on the TV monitor as well.

I know that guy!

Look at who we saw in the audience! Our old friend and music teacher Harvey Altman. He has been an avid supporter since the beginning, and not just because his daughter Debbie was a founding member in our flute section. Years later when we needed a new home, Harvey, then principal at Memorial Junior School, offered the school to us for our rehearsals. Here he is with a few of his former students.

Harvey Altman with Former Students
Photo: Jason Whitaker

There was a bit of déjà vu that evening. The concert opened with Prokofiev's Athletic Festival March just as it did in our debut concert 35 years ago. Founding Music Director Peter Boor was back on the podium conducting Suite of Old American Dances and the Onward-Upward march. Another founding member, tenor saxophonist Ed Abelew, shared a wonderful oral history of the group.

Our new friend Peter Sciaino, Band Director at Whippany Park High School, composed a new piece to mark the occasion called  Sound Paints the Sky. You can read more about this piece here. In case you missed it, you can listen to it here.

Matthew Paterno, Peter Boor, Kurt Zimmermann, Peter Sciaino
Photo: Jason Whitaker

The evening concluded with a post-concert reception where musicians and audience could meet up for good food and good conversation. Check out our photo gallery.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page as our celebrations continue.